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The Army Medical Corps is the premier healthcare provider of Pakistan Army which is serving the soldiers in uniform, their families and parents. The entitled clientele has grown enormously to eight million people which is now becoming difficult to sustain owing the rising cost of healthcare and shrinking resources. To explore certain resource generation options it was decided by the military leadership to establish MedAsk.
MedAsk is a commercial entity that plans to work on the idea of public-private partnership in order to expand and assist medical services infrastructure across Pakistan. It aims to initiate and develop a number of projects in phases that will generate capacity and profits which can be utilized to serve Army Medical Corps, war disabled army personnel and their families in particular and the general public at large. The underlying objective for MedAsk is to assist in sharing the patient load of the Combined Military Hospitals and other medical facilities which will improve the overall quality of medical services without having the need to consume funds from the Army Medical Corps.
MedAsk is committed to excellence in healthcare and setting a brand name that is cost effective, high quality and commensurate with ethical international standards for general public. It will emerge as an organization on which public as well as private sectors can rely upon with respect and trust.

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